Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc.


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PLANNING ISSUES: In and around Port Phillip















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* Bayside City Council proposed to require planning permits for "Roof Decks", which can impair the Beach Park landscape, by Amendment C32, rather than C25.

* LEOPOLD:  Case in VCAT on alleged illegal construction of channel and  2 rock groynes on Crown seabed, and apparent digging of harbour on freehold land


Melbourne 2030 Plan: A Victorian Government plan for an increase in the population of the Melbourne metropolis by 1,000,000 by the year 2030 and subsequent successor plans still accept overpopulation.


MT ELIZA: Green Wedge zoning reaches the high water mark, but a publicly-owned Coastal Park is needed for secure long term public enjoyment of the space.


MT MARTHA: Development proposals for the former municipal quarry on the Mt Martha coast

* PORTSEA: Land on the beach between Point King and Point McArthur has been contentious for all of this century because of a land claim to part of the actual beach by an adjacent landowner. The claim seems to depend on the vague wording of a 19th Century land title, which is a matter that should be resolved by now.


WILLIAMSTOWN: Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park, seen at the south-east coast of the Williamstown Peninsula




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