Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. 

(A0020093K Vic.) 

Official Hearing on Olivers Hill Marina Proposal Environment Effects Statement

The PPCC Inc. was represented, at the hearing on this marina proposal, in the week beginning on the 1st February 1999, by its immediate past president, Mr Alan Clark, assisted by Committee Member, Miss Olwen Bawden

The PPCC Inc. submission was well received by the three-member Panel, chaired by Ms Jenny Love. Photographs from our aerial photographic record helped make our case tellingly, as the photograph below of the Olivers Hill shoreline shows. 

The marina proposal at this corner of Port Phillip, which has a big wave build up from prevailing south-west winds over the long fetch from Geelong, would result in many hectares of the Bay in front of this cliff, at the south end of the nearby beach, being filled in, and the long-established and long-evolved marine environment and its associated geological features and plant and animal communities would be obliterated.

Our case was supported by local residents, the operator of the nearby Patterson River marina, whose present occupancy rate is quite low, and a former Mayor of Frankston. 

That former Mayor said that it was inappropriate for the Council and State Government to spend $28 million on such a marina for a small number of yachting people when schools, hospitals and so many other public facilities were being starved of funding.