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Mr Ian Wilson 
Chief Executive Officer 
Bayside City Council 

Dear Mr Wilson, 

2002/8009: Objection to Proposed Extension to Middle Brighton Beach Breakwater 

Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., a federation of 15 conservation organizations around Port Phillip, three of which are in the City of Bayside, objects to the above application (Item 250 on Page 58 of Agenda) to grant a permit for a 30 metre extension to the existing breakwater for the marina at Middle Brighton Beach, 253 The Esplanade, Brighton. We also support the objection lodged by our Member Organization, Brighton Foreshore Protection Association Inc. and their well-founded call for Council to obtain specialized independent advice before considering this matter further. 

Creeping Expansion of an Oversize Structure: Bayside City Council as the responsible local government authority for a prime residential area on a significantly attractive coast should recognize that relentless incremental expansion of an already damaging and unsightly industrial-scale structure such as the breakwater formed by dumping boulders into the sea off the Brighton coast is a highly undesirable squandering of Brighton's major residential asset, its attractive coastline. 

The existing breakwater is clearly the major cause of the unfortunate pattern of uneven erosion and accretion of sand on the coast opposite the breakwater, and any increase in the size of the breakwater is undesirable for that reason. The visual blight of the breakwater is very much due to its great size and length, so it should be clear that extra length will only increase that blight and undesirable visual impact. 

Gross and Misleading Error in Appendix 6 - Assessment, Visual Impact: This section of the report to the Approvals Committee states that the extension to the 240 metre breakwater would be 30 metres and that the "proposal increases the length of the existing breakwater by 6% " The correct percentage increase is actually 12.5% if the other figures are correct, which is more than double the 6% stated. 

First Step in a Long Battle ahead: Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. has discovered the existence of a Draft Master Plan being proposed by the applicant for the above 12.5% extension, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, which is under separate consideration by Bayside City Council. In this context the public is being lulled by not realizing the full scale of where the trend represented by the above application is leading. It appears that Bayside City Council has no explicit provision for informing the public generally that RBYC have asked Council to consider such a Master Plan, despite that Plan envisaging, in the "long term" an extension of the number of berths from 190 to 382 (more than a 100% expansion) and other large-scale increase in operations that would be highly damaging to the values of the coastal environment here. 

Yours sincerely, 


Geoffrey Goode 
Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. 

cc. Bayside City Councillors, Bayside Leader