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Proxy Form for General Meetings

(Rule 16 of Constitution)

Members should access Contact Details of Members of PPCC Inc. Council (Only persons eligible to be proxies)

TO: The Secretary, Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc.


Member's name (Given name and surname)





Member's address



being a member of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. hereby (tick on dotted line in box at left as appropriate):


appoint (and thereby revoke any previous appointment)



as my proxy until further notice:


the Chairman of the Meeting, or;


Name of proxy (given name and surname):



Proxy's address:




If my proxy is absent, I appoint "the Chairman of the Meeting" in his stead.


Member's signature:



..// 20.


Rule 11.3:   Five-tenths of the total number of members present in person plus a further tenth present
in person or by proxy (being members entitled under these rules to vote at a General Meeting)
shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a General Meeting.

Rule 16.3:   A member may appoint or revoke the appointment of another member by name, or solely by description as
"the Chairman of the Meeting", as his proxy until further notice, and the appointment of a new proxy shall cause
the revocation of the appointment of his predecessor.

Rule 16.4: A member may appoint "the Chairman of the Meeting" by that description to be, i
f his designated proxy is absent, his proxy in the place of his designated proxy.

Signature of PPCC Inc. Secretary certifying receipt:



..// 20..