Frankston dunes


The fine sandy Frankston swimming beach (where jet skis are prohibited) is backed by remnant vegetated sand dunes just north-west of Oliver's Hill. It is threatened by Frankston City Council's persistence with its1997 plan to build a huge marina there, which would involve filling in a large area of Port Phillip in front of this cliff, to have a 250-space car park.
Frankston City Council’s marina page opens with cynical spin from they Council stating,
"One of the greatest assets that Frankston City has to offer is its natural beachscape. The development of Central Harbour @ Frankston (safe boat harbour facility) will offer substantial benefits to the region and the growing number of users of Port Phillip."


Filling in 21 hectares (52 acres) of the sea and building on it is more than a trifle inconsistent with that opening sentence. The extensive marina existing at Patterson Lakes out of the public gaze, and the huge marina being built at Safety Beach, should meet all reasonable demands without ruining Frankston's foreshore.



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